Polygraph testing can be used in many situations, whilst we specialise in infidelity / proof of innocence tests tests we have experience of running different tests.


Theft in either a business or a home can be devastating, who can you trust, in a business these incidents can be ongoing for years and lead to great losses. Identifying theft incidents not easy but by using the Polygraph we can help. can help identify the culprits involved in the theft by testing suspects either in the workplace or or family members in the home.

Lie detector has proven itself over and over to be a extremely important tool in identifying thieves. To avoid losses and catch the thief at your firm or home, hire a lie detector with expert skills to help you identify the culprits. The UK lie detector test is carried out by trained qualified professionals who can carry out lie detector tests. Theives can be easily identified through using the polygraph test using the latest techniques.

When carrying out a theft case polygraph test, it is imperative to understand the motives behind the incident. Theft polygraph testing can be a very essential way of screening employees at a firm who maybe committing fraud enabling the employer to make changes to their working conditions or tactics. A lie detector test goes that step further to identify the motive of the theft.

A polygraph test especially in the work place can quickly identify those who are innocent and identify those who steal from the firm and possibly other employees. By hiring a trained, qualified Polygraph examiner to run the lie detection test, such people should be identified quickly before its too late. Also if thieves are not caught they may involve other colleagues in their crimes.

A polygraph test has an important role in identifying theft cases for the client. The earlier the culprit is discovered the better as this stops more theft from happening. Continuing theft at work leads to loss of resources, when an employer has a suspicion or discovers theft call the professionals in straight away to perform lie detector tests. A lie detector test can also help to determine whether the employee has been involved in other cases of theft which potentially maybe revealed during the polygraph test.

Investigations carried out by different parties such as the Police and private investigators may not shine any light on the thief. The lie detector test quickly eliminates suspects from ongoing investigations and will identify the subjects who need further investigation. The lie detection test can also identify if there are accomplices involved in the theft.

A lie detector test may also identify when the thefts started happening. When you require highly skilled lie detector test professionals, you will get accurate information obtained during the interrogation period. and its sister company Lie Detectors UK test have examiners who are specialists in this field. They are a highly skilled and trained professional team who handle different cases from various industries in complete confidence.


Employers use the polygraph to is to hire competent people that are fit for the role. Employers now use many different techniques to arrive at the recruitment decisions on who they will hire, they even check potential candidates social media accounts as a critical part of their recruitment strategy. In sensitive roles its important to employ extra vetting and background checks. This is where the polygraph and lie detector test come in.


With a well designed employment screening process in place employers can reduce the possibility of volatility in the workplace by employees and get a better return on their investment. Screening will highlight previous issues in the individual that could pose a later threat. Workplace safety is critical for the culture of a company, lie detection tests will help ensure people cant hide past they wish to forget. As an employer you need all the facts at hand.

If a court case arises in the future due to your employees conduct then by screening employees with a polygraph test its possible to prove the company did everything possible to ensure due diligence was run on every employee. It may enable the company to avoid legal action and fines. A lie detector pre-employment test will mitigate the company against future risks.

UK Companies often neglect employment screening, however in America its big business, they realise the benefits in screening employees with the polygraph. A risk audit is a good way to start by establishing the employees that need the close scrutiny.

By using lie detection in pre-employment screening tests there can be a reduction in the turnover of employees saving the company thousands every year. With the proper information to hand you know the type of person who is being employed and if they are the type who will move on frequently.

Screening for substance abuse is part of the pre-employment polygraph tests. Screening to see if you are just about to hire an illegal drug user is essential to ensure the right type of person is hired. This in turn reduces the amount of sick days an individual may have. Employee substance abuse can be catastrophic for a company. .

Being able to trust a potential employee to divulge this type of abuse is not a wise choice. This is why many businesses now use lie detectors to determine if there has been any deception in substance abuse during the screening process.


Polygraph tests during and after probation of sex offenders will ascertain whether the individual has re-offended or is considering this. UK Lie detector testing will ensure that only sex offenders who pass the polygraph test are released when you seek their services. We work closely with local authorities and therapists to to ensure that the convicted sexual offenders abide by the terms of their probation in turn reducing the chances of re-offending in the future.


The public and children are vunerable with sexual offenders. Victims of sex offences take along time to recover some never fully being able to recover fully and trust people again. Sex offenders subject to a regualr polygraph lie detector test known in America as a maintenance test are far less likely to re-offend when they know they are subject to this typoe of polygraph test by specially trained PSCOT examiners. We know have a pilot scheme running in three counties where Police examiners are testing sex offenders on probation. Already 13% have made omissions where they are returned to prison.

Sexual offenders treatment and probation isn’t always enough to ensure they wont re-offend. By testing an offender we can tell if they have or are about to re-offend. The lie detector test has a professional team of qualified examiners who can assist in running the specialised tests. The polygraph examiners work and co-ordinate testes with probation officers and treatment providers.

The thought of having a sexual criminal in your location isn’t a nice one. Sexual offender testing aids in determining whether the convict has changed or not. By testing the offender we are able to protect the public from any possible risk that may be involved with re-offending. We have a a professional way in dealing with the lie detection test with its experts in lie detection who can handle the polygraph test efficiently and obtain accurate results quickly.

Many offenders at the time of trial may not disclose all their offences in fear of a longer sentence. They may decide to only disclose what only they have been arrested about. This is unfortunate for victims who may not receive justice and closure needed. But with the lie detector test we are able to potentially gain more information on other crimes and acts that may have been committed.

We like to hope whilst behind bars the offender is rehabilitated and reforms whilst under close supervision. Sexual offenders are monitored closely for changes in their behavior. Polygraph tests are carried out to determine whether the offender is adheres to the terms and conditions of the probation order. A lie detector test is conducted to determine whether the offender hasn’t re-offended.


People can take advantage of a situation when they realise it will be beneficial to them. An example is with insurance claims, an insured may decide to falsely increase the value something is insured for as they plan to make a claim to defraud the insurance company. Also people claiming for items incorrectly to increase the claim. We can use the polygraph to test if the claim was in fact valid, Lie Detectors Uk our sister company leads the market with this testing. Not only will can process save you funds, but also identifies competent and incompetent staff that may be incorrectly processing the claims.


A company always likes to maximize its profits year after year and minimize losses. False insurance claims lead insurance firms to compensate and pay more than they should, this in turn leads to higher premiums for clients. A Lie detector test saves such situations as professional polygraph examiners can carry out false insurance claim testing.

Insurance firms have a duty to know their clients very well in terms of the goods and properties that they insured against. Some clients do not provide all the required information or may provide false information to the insurance firm with a future evil intent. This happens from time-to-time especially where the insurance is not keen enough to follow up on the insured goods. The UK lie detector test has all the answers to such cases like false insurance where they can conduct a test to the claimant and determine whether every claim made is true or false.

The insurance firms should also be stringent on its clients by requesting for real documents which can be used during filling of the claims in questions. A misrepresentation in case such documents are not verified can be presented to the insurance firm. Fraudulent clients register with such documents which they use to claim insured goods and are compensated for. This in turn causes losses for the insurance firm as the person may be inexistence which may arouse problems. A polygraph test from the UK lie detector test can help identify misrepresentation of personalities.

Insurance fraud can occur in different ways, some may be in form of provision of wrong information, personal details, or wrong presentation. A person can make a false claim for a damaged or stolen property which they may be compensated later. Also this might be in form of false provision of false information to get lower premium or overstate the worth of certain items. All these are different types of fraud that arises from claimants or insured people. This can be tackled by hiring a UK lie detector test professional to carry out a polygraph test which can help the insurer source out the truth from the claimants.

Honest is a virtue that not all people posses, the insured may give ambiguous figures to their property instead of the real price in order to receive a higher compensation. This happens in different situations where determination of price is a bit challenging to the insurer as even receipts can be forged to ascertain the price brought forward. During filing of forms, the insured may provide some false information to the insurance which may mislead them during the claim without their knowledge. An insurance firm should seek expert services to find out cases of that sort like the UK Lie detector test service which can identify false presentations.

For a firm to grow and retain its status in the market, it needs to have a stable financial position from time-to-time. Fraud faced by insurance firms acts as a financial setback which hinders the firm to grow steadily. When fraud is at its toll in a company, financial constraints will be experienced until the firm identifies the problem. Insurance firms can embrace a false insurance testing method by obtaining UK Lie detector services which will find and identify the root cause or leakages of the financial disappearances in the firm. A polygraph test can be done on both the claimants and insurance employees to help find out the truth.

Fraud can also be carried out by internal personnel working for the insurance company. Employees of an insurance firm may collaborate with an insured client to take advantage and steal from the insurance through dubious claims like over insurance or scams. The lie detector test will help you screen your employees and know who could be committing an offence and. Lie detectors test like the UK lie detector test can conduct the test to your employees in a way that it will obtain all the truthful information required.