Paula Radcliffe wants to see athletes agree to lie detector tests and home searches in the wake of the Russian doping scandal.

The marathon world record holder told Sky News she believes Russia should be banned from world athletics after a report discovered “state-supported” doping.

But she thinks athletes also need to “stand up to protect the sport we love”.

“I’ve been a big advocate of lifetime bans because it’s fraud,” the 41-year-old said. “Cheats are stealing a moment from a clean athlete that they can never, ever get back.

“Maybe it needs athletes pushing for bigger sanctions against cheaters.
“Do we need to say, as well as the tests, that we’ll allow our homes to be searched? I’d personally sit there and take a lie detector test.

“It’s about bigger steps, bigger sanctions.”

Despite being “devastated” by the World Anti-Doping Agency-commissioned report, Radcliffe is confident Lord Coe, the new president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, can clean up her sport.

“We have to have faith that our sport can come through this,” she said

“I’m heartened that it has come to light and Russia hasn’t got away with it.

“We should go as far as banning them until they can show this isn’t going on any more.

“But I believe we have the right person now to clean this up.”

British marathon runner Mara Yamauchi told Sky News that she feared widespread doping was still happening.

But she added: “Today is a good day for athletics because the wrongdoing that’s been going on has been exposed.

“I’ve been in races when I’ve looked at the athlete and the performance and thought, ‘Where did that come from?’

“I’ve seen races I’ve competed in being sabotaged for years – not just the London Olympics.”