A polygraph machine or lie detector is used to assist in deciding on the truthfulness of a subject answering explicit questions relevant to the matter. But when it comes to execution of a test, it demands expertise and experience amalgamated with skills for ideal results. Sceptics will be surprised to hear that the polygraph has grown both in popularity and credibility in recent years. Whilst they are not admissible in court probation workers and Policemen are now trained to operate the machine testing sex offenders. Sticking with three questions on one issue following the Utah approach, a test originally devised by the University of Utah, we are seeing a 96% accuracy rate.

Lie Detector Test .Guru is the market leader in infidelity and proof of innocence testing in the UK, the only company to specialize in this. Our proficient staff have the skills and techniques, and advanced techniques. Our valuable services are cost effective to get the truth that you deserve, with many satisfied customers.

Whichever your situation is, Lie Detector Test .Guru assures you of appropriate processing and guidance, and results which are affordable as they come at a fixed value of £450 for lie detector test cost when we come to you, and this is fully inclusive. There are certain divergences on which our infidelity testing and proof of innocence costs depend and vary.  We have an office in Sevenoaks Kent close to the M25 and are able to offer lower prices of £399 when you come to us for a test as we don’t have travel expenses.  For multiple tests we are able to offer substantial discounts, speak to us for more information on lie detector costs for multiple tests. Results are always delivered the same day verbally and then in a full report.

To cope with the rapidly changing market, our examiners undergo frequent training to upgrade their skills in technology, methodologies, and practices. Having such advanced training ensures we have the best examiners available today in the UK, Lie Detector Test .Guru quality controls all tests with another qualified professional to ensure every test that is carried out is the best it can be and the result is correct.

Our robust procedures complemented with our ethical code delivers maximum results to our customers. , however we are the only one to specialize using the latest scientific techniques that deliver maximum productivity in proactively operating for lie detection quality.

We have gained optimal experience in dealing with infidelity and proof of innocence tests and ensure that we keep the lie detector test costs as cost effective as we can. Lie Detector Test .Guru focuses on delivering a customer’s expectations and getting the answers they deserve. We are professionals with merit as it has always been our passion apart from being just business.

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